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Right Treatment, Right Road, Right Time

We at CAM, LLC understand that communities throughout the country are being faced with many economic struggles.  With products and materials coming in at higher costs, budget cuts and lay-offs it is hard for these communities to justify the importance of proper pavement maintenance.  Hence, we often find that some communities are digging into their maintenance budgets and cutting out pavement preservation programs all together.

By neglecting pavement preservation these communities are adding more problems and larger expenses for the future.  By preserving the asphalt pavements in the early stages of the road’s life, communities can keep their roads longer.  Our team wants to help these communities better manage their resources so they can build a better road program.

The best way to save a road is to protect it early and be consistent.  If a road is sealed properly in the early stages of it’s life cycle the elements like water and salt have a harder time intruding in the pavement.  Having less intrusions means that crack sealing and patching can also be put off.  Simple maintenance in the beginning of the road’s life will help ensure a longer one.

CAM, LLC provides a few products that aid in the pavement preservation process.  Please check out our products to see which one would be right for your next project.

RECLAMITE – Asphalt Rejuvenator
CRF – Asphalt Restorative Seal
CRF – Cold Pour Crack Sealer
COHEREX – Dust Retardant
JOINTBOND – Joint Seal