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JOINTBOND® Maltene Based Longitudinal Joint Stabilizer

“The Answer to Premature Longitudinal Joint Failure”

The Problem:

Premature joint deterioration is the most serious problem for the majority of asphalt roadways.  The asphalt construction joint typically fails faster than any other section of the pavement.


JOINTBOND is a polymerized maltene based emulsion formulated from the same maltene fractions contained in the asphalt binder.

How does JOINTBOND work?

JOINTBOND penetrates the pavement and rejuvenates the binder by replenishing the maltene fractions that are lost though the manufacture process and oxidation.  Replenishing the maltene fractions retards the aging process & adds durability to the binder.  JOINTBOND seals the surface “in-depth” and stabilizes the construction joint.   JOINTBOND helps correct compaction, segregation, and raveling issues.  JOINTBOND densifies the surface which becomes less susceptible to water and salt brine intrusion.

When to apply JOINTBOND?

JOINTBOND is best applied to the new construction joint. Almost all asphalt surfaces will last longer if they are treated while they are in like new condition.  The key is to treat the joint before separation or deterioration begins.

How is JOINTBOND applied?

JOINTBOND is applied one foot to either side of the construction joint.  JOINTBOND is a one pass application.  JOINTBOND quickly penetrates into the pavement within 30 minutes or less.  Sanding is not required with JOINTBOND & striping is not obliterated.  JOINTBOND can work in conjunction with other joint treatments and construction practices.