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NilesReclamite® Maltene – Based Rejuvenating Agent

The proactive approach to road maintenance

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What is Reclamite®?

According to the National Center for Pavement Preservation “a true asphalt rejuvenator is a maltene-based petroleum product which has the ability to absorb or penetrate into an asphaltic concrete pavement and restore those reactive components (maltenes) that have been lost from the asphalt cement binder due to the natural process of oxidation.”

Reclamite is a maltene based emulsion comprised of the same maltene fractions contained in an asphalt binder. Reclamite is refined from a naphthenic base (or wax free base) which allows it to penetrate and rejuvenate asphalt pavements.

How does Reclamite® work?

Reclamite has been successfully used for over 50 years. Reclamite penetrates, rejuvenates, & seals the surface “in-depth” by replenishing the lost maltene fraction in the asphalt binder. Reclamite adds flexibility and durability back to the binder. Added durability can only be achieved by the addition of the maltene. Reclamite fluxes with the asphalt binder, restoring the aggregate/asphalt bond.

Reclamite prevents raveling and stripping. Reclamite densifies the pavements surface which helps address compaction issues, reduces surface permeability, and prevents the intrusion of air and moisture. Reclamite adjusts Viscosity and Penetration values by adding the maltene. Reclamite does not contain degreasers, solvents, or creosotes.

When should Reclamite® be used?

Reclamite is a “top of the curve” application. It is best applied to newer pavement showing little to no signs of surface deterioration. Typical application age range of a pavement is between 0-10 years. Northern climates are between 0-6 years with southern climates stretching the range to 10 years. Reclamite has a limitation of 2-3 applications in 5 year intervals.   Applying Reclamite to new pavement helps bend the deterioration curve dramatically. This helps delay the need for more expensive surface treatments. Reclamite can also be applied to pavements showing light hairline cracking, light raveling, segregation, light pitting, and dryness.

Applying Reclamite has a proven history of providing 5-10 years of extra service life to an asphalt pavement. Reclamite keeps “GOOD ROADS IN GOOD SHAPE”

How is Reclamite® applied?

Reclamite is spray applied like a fog sealed. The emulsion is diluted 60% Reclamite 40% water. Application rates average between .05 gal/SY – .08 gal/SY. Reclamite is applied in one pass with a 20-45 minute cure time. During the cure time the product penetrates into the pavement. Reclamite absorbs into the pavement and leaves no coating on the surface. Once the product has penetrated, a light coating of sand or limestone screenings is applied (1-2 lbs. /SY). The screenings are swept between 1-2 days after application. Striping is not compromised with a Reclamite application. Striping remains visible throughout the application process.