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CRFCRF® Maltene – Based Restorative Seal

  • Rejuvenating and restoring older roads


What is CRF®?

CRF is a specialized emulsion developed in the 1950’s.  CRF is comprised of 89% maltene fractions and 11% PG grade asphalt.  CRF is basically Reclamite + 11% asphalt.  CRF is designed to rejuvenate and restore weathered and aged asphalt pavement.

How does CRF® work?

CRF picks up where Reclamite is no longer useful. CRF penetrates aged pavement and replaces the lost maltene fractions in the binder.  CRF restores the raveled surface and provides an “in-depth” seal.  CRF integrates itself into the pavements matrix providing a long lasting bond.  CRF repairs raveling and surface cracking.  CRF improves the aggregate to asphalt bond and resists surface oxidation.  CRF is a resilient and flexible emulsion that is not affected by freeze/thaw.  CRF will not delaminate or peel from the surface.  CRF can add significant life to aged asphalt pavements

When should CRF® be used?

CRF is applied to pavements that exhibit more moderate deterioration such as increased raveling, loss of aggregate, and brittleness.   CRF is an effective treatment for “dry” pavements and pavements with low asphalt content.  The CRF treatment helps compliment micro, slurry and chip seal preservation programs.

CRF can be applied to chip seal and cold mix surfaces.  When used on chip seals, CRF helps lock down existing chips and rejuvenate the chip seal emulsion.  When applied to cold mix, CRF helps mend and preserve the surface providing a long lasting “in-depth” seal.

How is CRF® applied?

CRF is applied in a one pass application with a calibrated distributor truck.   The emulsion takes between 20 – 45 minutes to break.   Once the material has a black look, lime screenings are applied at a rate of 4-8 LBS per square yard.  Traffic is resumed following the application of the screenings.  Total lane closure time is between 20-60 minutes.  Lime screenings are applied to help the material cure, resist tracking, and prevent bleeding.  The screenings are broomed near the end of the day to help even the application.   The lime screenings are swept within 2-4 days.    After several months the CRF will work its way into the pavement and provide a tight, smooth, and even surface.  CRF will add 5-10 years of additional service life to an asphalt pavement.