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Corrective Asphalt Materials, LLC (CAM), will provide an on-site analysis of asphalt streets/roads/parking lots for the agency or private entity prior to any proposals.

CAM, along with its experienced personnel, has access to the experience and knowledge of other TRICOR Refinery (TRICOR) Licensed Distributors and Applicators throughout the United States and Canada. This wealth of experience and knowledge insures the customer that CAM will select the right application on the right pavement at the right time.

Generally, for first time customers, CAM will provide a venue where all aspects of pavement preservation are discussed. The technical aspect of how a maltene based rejuvenator reacts with the asphalt binder and how to test/measure both its short and long term performance and durability will be explained in detail.

Depending on the needs of the customers, CAM will assess the surface condition of the customer’s asphaltic concrete, and provide a comprehensive report detailing recommended treatments using Maltene Based Reclamite Preservative Seal (Reclamite) or Maltene Based CRF Restorative Seal (CRF). The report will include measurements, project costs and detail the execution of the project.

CAM’s intent is to have the customer well inform, so that he or she can make an educated and well informed decision in continuing and or developing their pavement preservation program.

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When you choose CORRECTIVE ASPHALT MATERIALS, LLC (CAM) to apply RECLAMITE, CRF, or COHEREX, you can rest assured the work will be performed professionally. CAM has the experience personnel and an extensive fleet of well-maintained distributors, sand/screenings applicator trucks, road tractors, tanks and ancillary equipment to handle all projects in a safe and expeditious manner. All CAM’s contracts are executed by CAM personnel, no application work is subcontracted.

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CORRECTIVE ASPHALT MATERIALS’s commitment to you is only beginning when the last drop of RECLAMITE or CRF is sprayed. We want you to be completely satisfied with your application, regardless of the product used or the size of the job.

Telephone and in-person follow-up calls are a regular part of our commitment to meeting your needs. Regular pavement re-examination by a member of the CAM team confirms the continued penetration, effectiveness and performance of the applied product. CAM will access not only the condition of treated pavement, but inform the customer of any increased/unexpected deterioration of untreated pavements. This ongoing analysis will allow the customers to continually update their Long-Term Pavement Preservation Plan. For more information, or to schedule a pavement analysis, CONTACT US.