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History of CAM, LLC

Corrective Asphalt Materials, CAM,LLC was established in the mid 1980’s as a manufacturer and distributor of the then Golden Bear Products, RECLAMITE® Preservative Seal, CRF® Restorative Seal and COHEREX® Dust Control.

Mr. Byron Farrell, PE purchased CAM, LLC in 1996. Mr. Farrell is a Civil Engineer from Purdue University, Past National President of the AGC and a very active leader in numerous civic and benevolent associations.

Mr. Farrell’s long standing involvement with his construction industry, Helmkamp Construction Company, enlightened him on the many advantages of providing Helmkamp’s asphalt pavement owners with a comprehensive pavement preservation program.  Mr. Farrell recognized how valuable pavement preservation was for the private sector and extended services to the public sector as well.  From this CAM, LLC was born, a whole company committed to providing optimal pavement preservation techniques and products.  In 2005, CAM, LLC acquired Boecker Road Maintenance, a company that had served the Northern Illinois territory and specialized in pavement preservation.  Since then, CAM, LLC has been the sole manufacturer and distributer of Reclamite Preservative Seal, CRF Restorative Seal and COHEREX Dust Control in the Midwestern Region.  Our pavement preservation products and services currently provide cities, villages, townships, counties and states with cost effective pavement maintenance.

CAM, LLC serves the Midwest Region, including the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

CAM, LLC’s Northern Branch

Cam Midwest is located in Sugar Grove, IL. 

Jack Holleran

Rachel Lang joined the CAM Midwest sales team in 2008.  She is a marketing graduate from the University of Illinois, Chicago and focuses on Central and Northern Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin.

CAM, LLC’s Southern Branch

CAM South is located in South Roxana, IL
Byron L Farrell, PE
Graduate Engineer – Purdue University – 1961
1961 – 1996 President/Chairman Helmkamp Construction Co., National President Association of General Contractors (AGC)
1996 – Present Chairmen CAM,LLC Pavement Preservation Industry

Anthony J Witte, PE
Graduate Engineer – University Mo – Rolla 1975
Work Experience
1975 -1991 Mining Industry, Supervisor, Manager of Engineering
1991-2004 Waste Industry- General Manager Landfill Operations
2004 – Present President CAM,LLC – Pavement Preservation Industry

Jack Witte interned with CAM in 2003 and 2004.  He graduated from University of Missouri Rolla in 2005 with a BS in Civil Engineering.  Started full time in 2005 as Project Engineer.
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